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Carmen is like a Swiss knife: sharp, precise, multi-task, you can always count of her to shoot your troubles!

David Nivelle
Director SportAccord

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Carmen Okabe

Transformation Wizard

I started traveling long distance early in life. When I was 19, I was already out of my native country of Romania to attend university in Beijing, China.

And since my very first trip, I developed a passion for“reading” people: analysing their clothing, behaviour and posture. This allowed me to find out where they were coming from and possibly what they were doing in life –before they even opened their mouth to reveal their language or dialect.

As a polyglot, hearing them speak afterwards was only the confirmation I needed to see if my judgment was right or wrong. But I was guessing right 99 percent of the time.

The study abroad experience in China changed my life path dramatically. It gave me the wonderful gift of meeting an old Feng Shui master who taught me traditional Feng Shui precepts and introduced me to the great Taoist teachings.


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Carmen Okabe is an International Business and Image Consultant and Mentor, as well as a FFS Master, and a Five Elements expert. Her unique approach to coaching international professionals for business and life earned her the nickname “Transformation Wizard”. Whatever issue you are struggling with, Carmen will help you achieve success and be able to enjoy life as you deserve!

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Carmen is like a Swiss knife: sharp, precise, multi-task, you can always count of her to shoot your troubles!

David Nivelle
Director SportAccord

Carmen is a business woman with Vision and human sensitivity. Top Manager.

Jean Clauteaux
CEO co-Founder URIJI, ex-L'Oréal (Country GM), Knight of France Ordre National du Mérite.

Following a training that Carmen gave us, which I was able to put into practice quickly, I obtained surprising results. She’s great. Thank you

Luc Torralba
Expert et formateur en Feng Shui traditionnel chez Feng Shui Tradition

Carmen Okabe is an exceptional businesswoman with a rare sense of business and flair of relationships, backed by experience and international knowledge, enabling her to be comfortable and efficient in her professional and personal environment.

Martin Clarenbeek
LDC Group Export Manager

Carmen offered me my first job, right in my final year at the University and I must say, that job is one of the reasons I became a Communication professional. Working with her was amazing, as she knew exactly in what direction to steer me to become the best at my job. I was able to be part of many great projects and meet a lot of interesting people, all of which have taught me important lessons about the business. I think her drive, passion and optimism are an asset for anyone working with her.

Mihaela Constantinescu
Communication & Marketing Consultant

Carmen is perfectly able to synthesize ideas and propose efficient solutions in real time. She has a native capacity to work in public relations and, therefore, communicate easily with the audience. She encouraged me to join a rigorous expression of my written materials and I will remain grateful for this!

Valentin Parescura
Brand Image Manager Sover Optica

Carmen is a great role model to me. I have always followed her advice’s and I am constantly learning from her. I have made some of the best changes in my life, based on the guidelines Carmen draw for me, as an image consultant. I am still discovering myself, but now I know how to show my best features. I got the job that I wanted and I am in the right place with my life. As a true professional, Carmen has all the tools to motivate you and show the best you have.

Lomer Antonia
Network Operations Excellence Lead at Vodafone

Carmen is an optimist and very dynamic coach, she carry a lot of experience on her work. She is a person that can be trusted to work with, she handle different kind of business from different countries in the world. I learn from Carmen many things and I’m grateful for that.

Ana Maria Arama
Business Consultant, Trainer & Business Coach at ProductiviTEA

Amazing Lady, full of energy full of life, a good manager, an excellent organizer, event leader. Excellent communicator, with multiple competencies. Les Nouvelles Esthetiques and Spa is one of her excellent work. If you get in contact with her, you will be surprised.

Ardeshir Vahidi
Associate Specialist, Plastic Surgeon at K.G.H / UK


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