Mentoring You

The life you have been dreaming of is within your grasp

In five easy steps, your GOSEI LIFESTYLE COACH, Carmen Okabe, will help you understand and connect the puzzle of your life, and move you towards the life you really want.

Yes, it really is that simple!

Step 1

Call and say: “Mentor me!”

Step 2

Enjoy a FREE 8 Day Trial of  Carmen’s e-mail Mentoring.

Step 3

After the trial period, choose one of the following programs, and continue towards getting the life of your dreams.

Step 4

Continue your «love story»with yourself and your new life based on GOSEI!

Step 5

Create new intentions to be achieved with Carmen’s Mentoring!

Mentoring Options

The following programs are designed for individuals / professionals / employees who want to become more efficient, more streamlined, earn more money or achieve success. All my programs are using e-mail coaching, which I’ve found is the most effective way to discuss business with busy people.


WOOD - Weekly e-Mail Mentor

With this affordable and effective program, we will communicate once a week, usually on the same day each week. I will answer your questions, offer suggestions or advice, guide you, encourage you, or hold you accountable (if needed). The weekly e-mail program is a very effective way for a busy entrepreneur to get some badly needed direction and advice, without becoming overwhelming or costing a lot. It costs less than a life session and you get the time to prepare yourself well for the next week.

  • Timeframe: Once weekly e-mail.
  • Cost: CHF180.00 per month – Pay as you go.

EARTH - Anytime Mentor

This is a “more-involved” program, and is meant for the entrepreneur who feels like he or she is being pulled in nineteen different directions at once. If that’s you, then we’ll fix that – together. We’ll start by taking stock of how things are going now, and then we’ll set goals and devise a plan to accomplish them. We’ll also set milestones, so you can see firsthand the financial (and personal) rewards that are possible. Generally, we will communicate daily on an alternating basis (You e-mail me one day, I reply to you the next day, and so on – this way we have an ongoing conversation).

  • Timeframe: Alternating daily e-mail (or as often as you feel is needed).
  • Cost: CHF580 per month – Pay as you go

METAL - “101-day for Success”

Let’s go all out, shall we? You will start off with a Personal Effectiveness Self-assessment during which you will rate yourself on several areas of effectiveness (don’t worry – I’ll guide you!) From this, you and I will create an “Outcomes Contract”. This is a “contract” you will make with yourself, and will state exactly what you want to achieve during the 101 days of the program. Then, with me as your guide, you will set off on a journey unlike any other, and you will work to complete your contract.

As the program develops, you will rate yourself several times, to see how you are progressing. And I’ll be there every step of the way. Our ongoing e-mail discussion will guide you towards achieving the results you desire, and give you the support that you need.

Just being honest – this is an intense program and will require constant attention for the entire 101 days. It’s for serious “I need to change… please help me do so” entrepreneurs.

  • Timeframe: 101 days of constant, ongoing contact.
  • Cost: CHF1,800 Flat Fee

Note: At the end of the 101-days, this program reverts to the Anytime e-Mail Mentor Program for continuous improvement.

The “Outrageous Success Life Purpose Program”

Are you without real direction? Perhaps not knowing what you really want your business or your life to be? Then this program is for you.

Discovering your Life Purpose is an effective way of giving your life direction. Here’s what we do: Together, we investigate your most important personal values, from which you discover your Life Purpose. Once you have chosen a personal icon, my program helps you write your Life Purpose Statement. Then you create a Mission Statement and a personal motto. The whole process gives you a structure to your life that most people don’t realize they are lacking until they do this exercise.

Don’t confuse this “Outrageous Success Life Purpose Program” with the short “mission statement” exercises that are sometimes included with motivational or goal-setting seminars. This program is very thorough and goes way beyond just scratching the surface, and it’s personally guided by me. If you find yourself vague about your future or unsure of where you are heading, and even confused, this program will give you clarity, certainty, and lasting motivation. You will also receive a copy of my book, TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS FOR SUCCESFUL OUTCOME.

  • Timeframe: 2 Months, or however long it takes
  • Cost: CHF 1800 flat fee


Any of the above programs can be recreated for a corporate setting, either individual mentoring to a number of executives, or group coaching for employees.

We can be completely flexible in creating a program that will serve your organization, regardless of size. Please contact us with your requirements.

About the 8-Day Free Trial

CARMEN offers a 8-day free trial to individuals and small businesses who wish to see if CARMEN is the right mentor for them. This is a no-obligation “getting to know you” period, in which CARMEN will engage and correspond with you a number of times. At the end of the 8-day period, you will be asked to choose one of the above programs if you wish to continue (or let Carmen recommend what she thinks is best for you.)

We ask one thing with the 8-day trial: That you are serious about mentoring.

If you just want to get 8 days of free advice and information and have no plans on going further, well…Think twice and don’t waste your time or mine. We list the prices here, so finances should not be an issue – if you can’t afford any of the programs, then be honest about it and don’t take the 8 days.

But if you’re ready to understand differently life and business and create the life exactly how you want it to be, then put your doubts and your fears aside, and get in touch with Carmen Okabe today.

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