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FIRE – The “Outrageous Success Life Purpose Program”




Are you without real direction? Perhaps not knowing what you really want your business or your life to be? Then this program is for you.

Discovering your Life Purpose is an effective way of giving your life direction. Here’s what we do: Together, we investigate your most important personal values, from which you discover your Life Purpose. Once you have chosen a personal icon, my program helps you write your Life Purpose Statement. Then you create a Mission Statement and a personal motto. The whole process gives you a structure to your life that most people don’t realize they are lacking until they do this exercise.

Don’t confuse this “Outrageous Success Life Purpose Program” with the short “mission statement” exercises that are sometimes included with motivational or goal-setting seminars. This program is very thorough and goes way beyond just scratching the surface, and it’s personally guided by me. If you find yourself vague about your future or unsure of where you are heading, and even confused, this program will give you clarity, certainty, and lasting motivation. You will also receive a copy of my book, TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS FOR SUCCESFUL OUTCOME.

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