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Fashion Feng Shui for Life


The vision of this book came to me in a dream, in which Evana Maggiore, our beloved mentor and the initiator of Fashion Feng Shui®, was reminding me of my role in this life: connecting people and building bridges between different cultures. She was reminding me of our long discussions back in 2010, in London, when we were talking about the need to spread the word about Fashion Feng Shui® and create a “family” of facilitators, giving people the tools and knowledge for positive transformation.

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This book is not just about Feng Shui, nor is it just about fashion. It is about building bridges with Fashion Feng Shui®, and using five-element theory to live it even better. Our 12 authors used their rich experiences and diverse backgrounds to craft the tapestry of this book: it contains our heart and soul, our colors, our desires, and of course the solutions we discovered and now offer to you.

This book will help you get to know yourself better and allow you to progress in various life situations. Your looks will go hand in hand with healing your soul, relating to your peers, building your brand or providing the very best service to your clients. I am thankful to the universe for allowing me to hear Evana’s words, and for the power to realize this book, as a bridge between the authors and all of you. I hope you will enjoy our book and keep it with you for years to come. It can really change your life, just as Fashion Feng Shui® has changed ours!


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