Transformation Game



I LOVE being able to help them become better and love themselves more.


I LOVE the FORCE that gave me THE POWER to see through the skin and inside the hearts!


I LOVE the GAME DEVA who chose me to be HER VOICE and share HER WISDOM.


I LOVE the moments of infinite tenderness, when, at the end of a course or a consultation, one embraces, with tears in the eyes, before saying “See you soon”!

I LOVE touching a cord deep inside you, to show you how beautiful you are and how to make you bounce stronger.


I LOVE facilitating GAMES OF TRANSFORMATION for small groups of 2-4-6 people, over several days, but also THE SOLO GAME, when I dedicate myself for 3-4 hours to one person only..


I LOVE facilitating TRANSFORMATION GAMES FOR COUPLES when I give them the opportunity to find understanding, to become different, and to make important decisions about their lives.


I LOVE facilitating TRANSFORMATION WORKSHOPS, over 1 day or more, combining playful techniques with the powerful tools of Fashion Fengshui and offering a whole new perspective in order to achieve success in work or personal relationships.

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