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METAL – “101-day for Success”


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Let’s go all out, shall we? You will start off with a Personal Effectiveness Self-assessment during which you will rate yourself on several areas of effectiveness (don’t worry – I’ll guide you!) From this, you and I will create an “Outcomes Contract”. This is a “contract” you will make with yourself, and will state exactly what you want to achieve during the 101 days of the program. Then, with me as your guide, you will set off on a journey unlike any other, and you will work to complete your contract.

As the program develops, you will rate yourself several times, to see how you are progressing. And I’ll be there every step of the way. Our ongoing e-mail discussion will guide you towards achieving the results you desire, and give you the support that you need.

Just being honest – this is an intense program and will require constant attention for the entire 101 days. It’s for serious “I need to change… please help me do so” entrepreneurs.

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101 days of constant, ongoing contact.

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