Business Consulting

My career as a consultant began more than 30 years ago.

I worked first as a Chinese and Japanese translator, one of very few such translators at that time. Then, I served as a business consultant for companies operating in various fields. The nature of my work enabled me to travel and live in several countries across Asia and Europe and to meet people from diverse backgrounds.

My innate curiosity and thirst for knowledge allowed me to learn a lot with each new trip and each new assignment.

I added more knowledge (and more Diplomas) to my basket, because my consulting projects involved: Professional beauty, Image Consulting, Luxury Foodstuff, Jewellery, Real Estate and Home Staging, Chocolate Production , Fashion, Spa and Hotel Management, Fengshui, Television, Funding, Communication, Branding, Advertising, Social Media, Franchising, Event organisation, Financing & Wealth Management, International Associations, etc.

What separates a good consultant from a bad consultant is a passion and drive for excellence.

And Oh,yes! – a good consultant should be knowledgeable about the subject he or she is consulting in.

That does make a difference.

I do not believe in consultants who can do everything in every field and always succeed. For the simple reason that there are so many unique elements for each business and so many variations depending on the people who are doing that business…

I believe in consultants with a certain expertise and with a lot of empathy, with a strong instinct, because business is not just about the work, but also about the inner feelings.

I started international consulting work more than 30 years ago and I never stopped since.

Fengshui always accompanied my consulting and proved its effectiveness.

Having access to and understanding native customs and etiquette, interpreting behaviours and reactions when faced with different situations in different continents, helped me develop a “special sense” and an unique technique of relating with my clients on a deeper level.

I needed to discover what my particular gift was.

Knowing yourself and being aware of your strengths is the best way to be able to “propose” yourself to the others.

What do I Do?

I speak professionally 8 languages.

I am a very good strategist (I was educated in the Army and I see each project as a “battle camp” on which I have to dispatch the right regiment) and business negotiator, a great cross cultural trouble shooter.

I know how to help a business turn profitable as my great instinct and visionary sense are doubled by an enormous experience working internationally.

I have a large international network of people and I am quick in understanding who can help me with what, in the benefit of my client, so sometimes the solution you were searching for a long time might be just a few phone calls away if you talk to me.

I am straight forward and sometimes too quick, so quick that some consider my speed as aggressiveness.

I like to make difficult things look simple and challenging situations become easy going.

I am a “mentally over-efficient” person, for those not familiar with the term, i explain : my brain functions as a tree with countless ramifications, I can do several projects in the same time and still be happy to take over one more. I am a Certified Mind Mapping Instructor, because this method corresponds best to my way of being and acting.

I am good at teaching people to get along with each others, in business and outside the business world, I use Feng Shui and the Five Elements principles for creating project based teams and Mind Mapping for increasing their efficiency and giving better results to the company.

Time and experience taught me the critical role of the image in shaping one’s personality. The way you perceive yourself translates directly into how you are perceived by others. Thus, focusing on improving your self image for obtaining success in all Fields is one of the core attributes of my consultancy sessions.

I wish to share all that I’ve learned and experienced with you. I want to help you turn your life around and to become a stronger individual in the process.

30 years ago, I was alone when I embarked on the path I chose for myself. I wished then that I had somebody to guide me and hold my hand along the way.

For you, now, this is what I am here for.

© Copyright 2017 - Carmen Okabe.