I started traveling long distance early in life. When I was 19, I was already out of my native country of Romania to attend university in Beijing, China.

And since my very first trip, I developed a passion for“reading” people: analysing their clothing, behaviour and posture. This allowed me to find out where they were coming from and possibly what they were doing in life –before they even opened their mouth to reveal their language or dialect.

As a polyglot, hearing them speak afterwards was only the confirmation I needed to see if my judgment was right or wrong. But I was guessing right 99 percent of the time.

The study abroad experience in China changed my life path dramatically. It gave me the wonderful gift of meeting an old Feng Shui master who taught me traditional Feng Shui precepts and introduced me to the great Taoist teachings.

I had always dreamed of becoming an architect, and as a Feng Shui expert, I could work on the plans of a house to benefit its future inhabitants. I wished I could study more, but my life put me on another path, and for many years Feng Shui remained tucked away in a corner of my mind.

I was fascinated by Feng Shui, but what I loved most (and this love stays with me to this very day) is how you can see and understand people through the practice.

Understanding how the five elements interact and how the energy reigns over us all is a great way of understanding life.

I lived half my life in Asia, namely China and Japan. As the manager of a big company, I was responsible for hiring new people, and I got to see applications of Feng Shui at work.

I did not understand why sometimes the big boss was not deciding to hire one guy whom, to me, seemed the best choice. And when I asked, he would say, “You see his birthdate? In two years he’ll be running away with my clients and stealing my business!” And then he showed me the details of that guy’s natal chart, its predicted interaction with the boss himself, plus the specific year this could happen. It was intriguing to be able to “predict” the future of a relationship based on an almost mathematical formula.

I decided to take a deeper look into this thing, which to me was quite a complicated science. Numbers and equations had never been my strong point, so for many years I resisted putting my knowledge into practice.

But I worked with people, all over the world, and I was still passionate about face reading. I took face reading, Feng Shui and BaZi classes, I spent hundreds of hours studying therapies, NLP and coaching in Asia and in Europe, and I continued to travel and analyze the people passing by.

Soon my business became influenced by my analyses, and more and more Feng Shui was integrated into the solutions I was offering my clients. That said, it was not always easy to explain to the client what I was doing. When I attended Evana Maggiore’s Fashion Feng Shui® class in 2010, it all became so easy to explain, even to someone who had no previous knowledge of Feng Shui. Not only had I found a quick tool for deep transformation, but it also became a great tool of education.

I have more than 30 years of experience coaching and consulting for private individuals and corporate teams, but I am a teacher at my core.

Since 2010, I’ve been integrating Fashion Feng Shui® and the Five Elements theory into my business.Implementing it in my clients’ businesses and personal lives was a big step forward in sharing this incredible practice with them. Being able to simply explain its mechanism ensures that the client can continue to integrate the transformation of his or her life.

Fragment from „Fashion Feng Shui for Life”,
Chapter „How to Choose the Right Partner (and Get Your Dream Job Too)” by Carmen Okabe

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