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Don’t leave it for later, it might be too late!

A few years ago, I was reading about an Italian guy, Ciro Imparato, as one of the most extraordinary Voice coaches of Italy! I then had the chance to meet Ciro Imparato, and I can confirm he had one of the greatest voices I ever heard in my life!

I followed his courses “The Four Voice Colours”, and I discovered the man behind the books and the method, a big guy with a big heart! We were planning together a Chinese translation of his books. Then, for a while, me busy, him even busier, we lost track of each other.

Last week, while in Italy, I decided to call him to get back to our common project. And, to my shocking surprise, Ciro was not there anymore!

He passed away in March and we are in July now, I cannot even say in words how much was and still is my shock, I cannot even start writing to his family to send condoleances, it would be so unappropriate to do this after so long time…

I wished so much to have the chance to hear one more time in my ears his voice, coming from another world and say to him all the things I never got the chance to tell him: How inspiring his method was for me, how I am using it in my daily life now with great impact on the others, how i am also teaching it to my clients and making some people happy,etc.

His books have also a CD included, so I just wait to get home and listen to him again and again…

What is left after us is the impression you leave to the other people surviving you, the memories they can cherish. When I met Ciro, last time at the Deepak Chopra’s Milano Conference, I could not imagine it would be the last time we meet. Now I wish I was answering Yes to his dinner invitation.

Conclusion: Do not leave things for later, it might be too late!

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