I started writing with my left hand when I was 5. and as soon as I was able to use words, I started writing goals:
Next week: prepare a music show in grandma’s garden! Attendees : neighbours, friends, kindergarten coegues!
I started keeping a diary when I went to school. And where they tought me to write with my right hand!!
I was writing my goals, which in that time were:

  • for tomorrow – homework for geography, history, french, etc
  • for next week – rehearsal drama school, going to Opera, preparing for the Olympiads
  • for next month – Getting the first prize at olympiad of french
  • for summer – finishing First of my class, going to the seaside, etc

I was, without anyone telling me, planifying my mind to prepare for the events and things I wanted to achieve and I was there, doing all the necessary to get to complete my tasks.
I was the first of my class for many years in a row, I was finding always new ways to motivate myself to continue my intellectual and (now I know) emotional growth.
I was my own life coach, in a time when the word “coach” was designating only the football (or other sports) coach.
Years had passed and my destiny brought me to different countries, continents, and I was still my own coach, this time taking into consideration all the good things I was learning from my Masters, be them Chinese or Japanese or other.
Then I realized people were asking me things, asking my opinion and asking for help and I was there for them to help, to push, to give a direction, idea, to mentor them and to “coach” them.
I was a coach before having done any Professional coaching training, it was only many years after that I took Professional NLP training, and finished the Executive Coaching Academy courses.
I will not annoy you talking about myself too much.
What I want to say with this article, is: YOU can be your own coach! It is your “little inner voice”, but you have to be careful what you want to hear!! and what you want to follow from its advices!!
Don’t let a scared voice lead your life! You CAN do anything!